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Free shipping for uggs january sale. The WM 61 capsules are omni directional, aren't they? I don't think they will be very effective for near coincident stereo in a setup like this you want each mic to have directional sensitivity, typically cardioid. The most effective way to use omnis for stereo is to have a sound baffle in between them, which attenuates the higher frequencies from one direction to each mic. I love the idea of uggs clearance sale outlet using the right angle jacks to give uggs boots melbourne sale you pivoting capsule holders, though. It's 9.7mm in diameter though, and you must provide an acoustic path to the back of the capsule for the directionality to work, so you'd need something more elaborate to mount the capsule at the end of the jack. The coolest setup would be if each pivoting arm was long enough and positioned such that when pointed towards each other at 45 degrees they just touched (each pointing across the face of the other) giving you a classic X Y coincident, while if pointed away from each other at 110 degrees they ended up 17 cm apart giving you a classic ORTF near coincident setup. Super cool would be if each arm could telescope some too, which would really let you experiment with any uggs on sale for womens cyber monday variation. Thanks for your comments. I just started another mic project based on this and your post has made me think about the type of mic I should used, and to search for more information on the characteristics of different mics and polar patterns. For people who are interested in reading more, here are the 2 pages: cheap ugg boots from uk cheap ugg rain boots uggs on sale uggs on sale vancouver bc ugg australia outlet bicester
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