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Free shipping for uggs josie sale. 3 rows of 6. The very first row is wired in series for the voltage, and the next two rows were wired in parallel for current. I mounted a Radioshack 12V DC accessory outlet (270 1556) to the end of the board for quick access to 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA) so I fake uggs boots on sale can power multiple items. Using a IGO CLA (it can go tall black uggs on sale as low as 8 volts and high as cheap uggs for sale online outlet free shipping 15) plugged into the outlet, I can charge my cell phone, iPod or any other small device. The voltage is regulated in the IGO unit to the appropriate voltage for the device (ie, 3.6 volts for most cell phones and 5 volts for the iPod). I have ran a HUGE GE Superradio AM/FM radio directly off this panel for hours. I have put this panel on my car's dash at lunch time to charge up my cell phone and it works great. Don't forget uggs womens classic short boots on sale the one step about the switching diode! That's important if you don't want backflow OK fair enough, but could this solar panel (that powers, let's say only one 1.2V battery) be used to power two rechargable batteries? And if so, is it cool to use NiMH batteries??DIY Squid Hat ugg boots sale cheap ugg boots fake uggs ugg fluff momma knock off uggs on sale cheap
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